Our mission is clear

Delivering the right message to the right audience for the right action at the right time.

Who We Are

UpDoc Marketing specializes in ecosystem growth solutions; based in Maryland and San Diego, serving world-wide. The roots of our founding team hail from origins as healthcare clinicians and inventing health products; from engineering, psychology, marketing, public relations, and, performing arts.

Our Performance

Our specialty is in consumer focused branding campaigns and marketing ecosystems, carefully designed to revolve around your company's target goals.

Key People


Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

"We are in search of relevance. Attention is the most sought after asset. It's finite. Once you have it, make it count."

Gene Shirokobrod is an entrepreneur, Physical Therapist, inventor, author, educator, and host to the medical category top ranked Therapy Insiders podcast.

Gene began his career as a sports-focused clinician, treating weekend to professional athletes. After several years of clinical practice, he founded his first company Verve, which created the Arc. That project was successfully funded on Kickstarter, manufactured and sold out several times.

After the success of Verve, Gene co-founded UpDoc Media to make a positive marketing impact in physical therapy and healthcare.

Gene serves as both CEO of UpDoc Inc., and, as CEO of Recharge — an innovative investor backed health management membership company based in Ellicott City, Maryland.



Dr. Ben Fung

"Transformative success is possible for those who have the grit to pursue the dream, and, the systems in place to scale growth."

Ben Fung is a Physical Therapist turned Independent Media Producer and Marketing Executive. From his former career paths in Bioengineering and Psychology, he has become an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Keynote Speaker. He is one of the few practitioners that has experienced every major clinical setting in the space of Physical Therapy, from acute care hospitals to community wellness to rural home health — from various rungs of responsibilities from aide to program director.

His present focus is in optimizing growth for companies and investors in various industries including healthcare, health-tech, human resources, and marketing.

Ben is recognized as a research pioneer of contemporary kettlebell exercise, popularly seen in bootcamps and CrossFit gyms; as a subject expert in digital marketing and branding; and, is a lifelong student of martial arts with current studies focusing in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Ben currently serves as COO of UpDoc, Inc.; and, as CFO of Recharge, an investor backed health management membership company with a mission to redefine the healthcare experience through a proactive sustainable health approach.

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