UpDoc Marketing became the natural growth progression of UpDoc Media and UpDoc, Inc. UpDoc Media, as the digital media productions division; and, UpDoc Marketing as the marketing agency and consulting division of UpDoc Inc.

As we continued to grow, we started to notice windows of constants amongst the many variables within the various marketing levers utilized by companies in healthcare, technology, and education.

The Algorithm essentially exists to perform in three primary consumer behaviors:

  1. Discovery
  2. Attraction
  3. Conversion

The UpDoc Marketing Algorithm

We know consumers are bombarded by messaging, resulting in uncertainty. Without clarity, effective timing, and authentic messaging, your message will be lost in the noise. Through a data-driven, and consumer-focused system, we've developed an effective way to connect your business with the right consumer.

Applying The Algorithm

  • Online Reviews, Customer Relationships, and Reputation Management (the 3Rs)
  • The Website: Your Company’s Digital Storefront
  • Digital Advertising and the Customer Narrative Pathways
  • Content Strategy and Branding

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