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Medical & Healthcare

The Medical professions and the healthcare industry at large is a core specialty for UpDoc Marketing. Our company cofounders were all clinicians before jumping into the world of marketing and business development.

Our team has a unique capability in connecting the perspective of a healthcare provider with that of the patient consumer. While our primary focus in this space is in new patient discoveries, expanding a brand's marketshare, and managing online reputation — our contributions include high level branding, media productions, SEO, website development, and consulting.

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The educational experience is a matter close at heart to the UpDoc Marketing team. Higher education has quite literally shaped the culture and spirit of collaboration we pride ourselves on; in both how we operate internally, and, how we deliver to our clients. Having experienced several layers of traditional education, asynchronous, online, as well as international programs — our team includes background not just in healthcare, but also in engineering, software, bio-medical, music and performing arts, sales, marketing, and business. For our educational clientele, our focus is primarily in content creation, media productions, curriculum development, and enrollment marketing.


Throughout human history, technology has always served to be both disruptor and director of society's next evolutions. With experience in app development, online platforms, automation, and engineering — our most common focus for our clients are found in media productions, smart automation marketing, sales, as well as digital products and platforms development.

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We attribute our success to the strong relationships we have with our clients, and, diligent dedication to the data driven approach we call the UpDoc Marketing Algorithm.

Let the numbers speak for us and our happy clients with these select case examples and systemwide gains.
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