Content marketing elevates your brand from an browsing option in a marketplace, to a top-of-mind customer solution.

Social Media. Video Editing. Professional Productions.


74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media, and, 80% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on friend’s suggestions.

The Problem

Video sharing platforms and social media in general have served to become the great equalizer for brands of any size.

We live in an age of Word of Mouth 2.0. This has given companies of any background and from any region the ability to compete for audiences at a near equal footing through organic channels. However, different businesses have varying access to resource, time, know-how, and general inclination to producing digital media.

Then, the questions come out of the woodwork: What should we film? What story should we tell? Who should be the subject? The interviewer? What equipment do we need? Where should we capture our videos? How do we make sure that the raw media will be useable?


The Challenge

Digital media productions are difficult. They are hard to plan, can be time intensive, expensive, and typically requires a team-buy-in across the company's culture.

It can also be frustrating to sit down with pen, paper, or an open document to script, screenplay, cast, and otherwise implement the range of required pre-production elements for a smooth video capture experience.

Beyond this, editing takes time and can quickly add to the expenses — even when teams take it upon themselves to learn the craft and familiarize themselves with the relevant softwares.

Then, it's the consideration of audience response. Overproduced media can feel fake, canned, or as if a brand is "trying too hard." Underproduced pieces feel unprofessional or rushed. Where's the balance?

We Made

The UpDoc Marketing team created an efficient virtual production system to help bring local and regional brands up to the playing field of larger national and even international organizations. This includes all the necessary planning steps, scripting, screenplay, casting within the business unit, post-production, and release scheduling — taking the guesswork out of the production formula.

For organizations with larger footprints, our team provides a solution for formal productions — an option that is quite popular with our education, technology, and enterprise clientele.

Most of our productions are designed to play into online advertising as well as media collateral for website development. They are typically formatted to be shareable on social media and useable on video sharing platforms.

Regardless of service line, a crucial element in any media production is team-buy-in. Should your company require, our team can play the part of orientation to a culture shift process; something we've found is just as fruitful in marketing for new customers as it is for attracting talent and engaging employees.

Our Services

Formal productions
Virtual productions

Case examples and systemwide business gains statistics for UpDoc Marketing customers include...

Single Production Reach


With nearly 50k in local zip code specific reach for a small niche equestrian regional community.

Social Following Growth


In less than 9 months, while positioning brand co-founders to be recognized as standing-room-only national and international professional association conference speakers.

Regional Expansion

5 Locations

Including company headquarters remodeling to a new region go-to-market openings.

Additional Production Samples

Horse Riding Accident, Rehab, and Recovery
Video Type: Patient journey focus as part of a mini-documentary series.

We Are Moving!
Video Type: Clinical location, clinical walkthrough, company announcement.

Next Generation Physical Therapy Success Story
Video Type: Patient success story.

5 Things You Need To Know About Pregnancy & Postpartum
Video Type: Patient education, new market niche awareness.

March Progression — Core Control and Exercises
Video Type: Exercise education, prospective patient engagement.

The Clinical Management of Fitness Athlete - CEU Invite
Video Type: Customer engagement, niche market promotion.

Working Hard On Fitness Friday
Video Type: Office culture, prospective customer engagement.

Get Back to Doing what you Love at Geromove PT
Video Type: Buyer segment awareness, brand promotion.

New Bootcamp at COR
Video Type: New group class promotion, customer segment invitation.

Get To Know Ryan
Video Type: Team Introductions.