Your company's reviews and online reputation serves as the anchor for you to position your products and services to your customer base.

Review and Reputation Management (R&R)


77% of patients use online reviews as their first step in choosing a new provider.


Before they buy, 90% of consumers will run an online search to find your company and research your brand for favorable reviews as well as your company's general reputation.

Reviews Matter

  • 84% of consumers trust online reviews as being reliable and genuine.
  • 91% will read them, regardless of their feelings about online reviews.
  • 50% of general online users searching a medical condition are also searching for a specific provider.
  • 73% of shoppers say written reviews make more of an impression on them than the star or number ratings.

Reputation Matters

  • Nearly 80% of healthcare consumers state that a health provider’s trustworthiness is the most important & desired trait.
  • For which, 68% of consumers state they would be willing to travel further for a better healthcare experience.
  • 43% of baby boomers are using social media for health information.

The digital footprint of your company is the living standard of our brand's reputation. The online reviews submitted by public users gives the impression of a track record — good or bad. Consumers regularly rely upon online search returns, online reviews, and a social media content as a gauge of trustworthiness.

Compounded by the fact that: (1) Over 95% of website traffic comes from the first two pages of search returns, and, (2)the #1 search return on Google gets ~33% of search traffic. Reviews & Reputations Management isn't just how people come to choose us, it is also how they come to find us.

Reviews, Reputation, and Search Engine Optimization

Online Reviews and Reputation Management is actually a key piece to contemporary Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Why? Because search engines scour online business listings such as Google My Business (aka. Google Places) and Yelp to make their algorithmic determination of how relevant your company is to a searching consumer's shopping needs.

An Unexpected Metric Payers Are Asking For

Surrounding the American Physical Therapy Association's Private Practice Section conference in Fall of 2018, we noticed a widespread trend that payers were asking practices for an unexpected customer metric — patient satisfaction.

Satisfaction can be measured through standardized queries such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Customer Effort Score (CES), and the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Part of UpDoc Marketing's proprietary methodology in review campaigns is in objectively measuring customer satisfaction for our clients to not just win over reviews, but also to guide strategic next step recommendations on how to elevate the customer experience as part of a strategic approach.


Build Immediate Trust

A solid history of five star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or any other business listing platform forms a strong foundation for your company's brand image.

Become Easily Found

A steady stream of favorable reviews also leads to improved discoverability and has parallel benefits in SEO. Web crawlers constantly adjust their algorithms based on consistent user based reviews as well as congruent citations across the landscape of business listing platforms.

Get More Phone Calls

Trust and discoverability naturally lead to more inquiries, a better cross section of warm leads, and ultimately, more phone calls.

Increase Website Traffic

As a brand elevates their Review and Reputation rankings, search engines naturally yield an uptick in website traffic referrals. This creates a positive cycle of higher volume  and higher quality user traffic, creating a parallel benefit to SEO.

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“I can't tell you how fast I picked up five star reviews...!”

Richard Symister, MSPT, CSCS, USATF Level 1, Practice Owner

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